1 This person upholds high standards for self and the team.
2 This person works to serve the common good.
3 This person carries his or her share of the workload.
4 This person contributes to the success of others.
5 This person speaks the truth with compassion.
6 This person consciously elicits the opinions of others.
7 This person can see another person's viewpoint.
8 This person benefits from the insights of others.
9 This person refuses to become "cliquish.
10 This person is patient.
11 This person stays with the agenda.
12 This person uses humor appropriately.
13 This person knows when to "let up."
14 This person knows when to establish boundaries.
15 This person celebrates other's successes.
16 This person shares information openly.
17 This person is engaged in the process.
18 This person refuses to discuss others "behind their backs."
19 This person is willing to take risks.
20 This person is trustworthy.
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Date: 02/22/2019
Gap Analysis scale:
90 - 100 Outstanding Team Member (should be mentoring other team members)
80 - 89 Effective Team Member (Needs Mentoring)
70 - 79 Performing Team Member (Needs Development)
60 - 69 Emerging Team Member (Needs Immediate Development)
Below 60 May be able to work alone, but not enjoy a team emphasis (only time and/or a development process will determine this person's team orientation)