1 This person acts with integrity - their words and actions match.
2 This person listens people out.
3 This person is comfortable reminding people to work safely.
4 This person solicits constructive feedback.
5 This person openly shares ideas and best practices.
6 When this person makes a mistake, they own it quickly and try to make it right to the degree they can.
7 This person does not make the same mistake twice.
8 This person engages in and encourages constructive conflict.
9 This person shares their mistakes with others so others can learn from them.
10 If this person has a problem or issue with someone, they talk to the person first in private.
11 This person avoids gossip.
12 This person keeps commitments.
13 This person makes a conscious effort to get to know their team members beyond just name and position.
14 This person thanks people who give them feedback.
15 It is easy for others to accurately predict this person's behavior.
16 This person is able to give people feedback without creating a whole new issue.
17 People around this person believe this person "has their back".
18 This person tells others the truth even when it is uncomfortable for them to say and for others to hear.
19 This person is comfortable saying, "I don't know."
20 This person focuses on solutions rather than blame.
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Date: 02/22/2019