Women's Leadership Development Process Launched

KC&A has launched a new leadership development process designed to address the unique challenges faced by women leaders.  The process is  named Equalibrium.  It was created in response to recurring requests by clients and by women in leadership roles.

Employers sincerely want the women in their ranks to have equal opportunity to rise to the challenge of leadership positions. Equalibrium creates an awareness of the unique challenges women face so they may acquire the tools and skills they need to succeed. The core concept of the process is 'being my best self'.  Many of the challenges faced by women leaders are created within themselves.  Equalibrium identifies the obstacles women often create for themselves and provides proven strategies for dealing with them effectively. 

The initial offering of Equalibrium was conducted in Anniston, Alabama in April 2013 with a roundtable of women from Alabama and Georgia who represented different employers - electrical generation companies, federal contractors, the banking industry, the trucking industry, retail, technology, and non-profits were represented. The feedback was extremely positive and helped KC&A team members hone the process.

The leadership team on the development process has been KC&A associates Beth Lanier, Deb Miller, and Christy Beem. For more information about Equalibrium, please contact Deb Miller dmiller@leaderscode.com