Episode 10: The Power of Thankfulness

Dr. Isabel Scarinci, Associate Director at O'Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, psychologist, and polio survivor, discusses The Power of Thankfulness. How powerful is a genuine sense of thankfulness in our daily lives with co-workers, friends, and family? How does expressing thankfulness change our relationships with others? How can we make authentic thankfulness habitual? What is the science behind gratitude? And how does daily meditation on thankfulness impact our sleep?

This episode is a conversation with Dr. Isabel Scarinci who survived polio as a child in Brazil. That experience led her into a life of service to others. As a child, between surgeries she went door-to-door with her mother encouraging complete strangers to vaccinate their children against polio. Her efforts prevented untold other children from suffering.  Now she works as an administrator and psychologist in cancer prevention with one of the world's leading cancer centers. She is a leader in an effort between the O’Neal Comprehensive Cancer Center, Rotary International, and the Health Ministry of Sri Lanka to eradicate any type of cancer (in this case cervical cancer) from an entire country for the first time in human history. 


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