The Code: Insights from the Front Lines of Leadership

The Code

You may recognize the letters “QWERTYUIOP.” If you think about your keyboard, you will recognize them as the sequence of the first row of letters. Because the keyboard is a product of the machine age, you would assume its letters are arranged to make typing easy. You’d be wrong. In fact, the opposite is true. The first keyboards, which appeared in the 1800s, had a different sequence. Typists were learning to type so fast that the original machines would jam up. Until the machines could be made faster, the design engineers rearranged the letters into an illogical sequence to slow the typists down. However, by the time keyboards were made more responsive, everyone had learned the new layout and did not want to change back.
Leaders know the phrase “We’ve always done it that way!” is a red flag — signaling the need to thoughtfully consider a newly proposed approach.
─Ken Chapman─