For over 40 years Ken Chapman & Associates, Inc. has been making a measurable difference in the corporate cultures of American businesses and in the lives of their employees. KC&A’s value equation is “Committed to People, Profit, and More.” Our approach is one of investing in our clients’ most valuable resources – their people. Through that investment clients experience transformed cultures resulting in a workplace which places a higher value on its people, from top to bottom, bottom to top, and peer to peer. The results of our approach is team members embracing improved trust, communication, motivation, safety, listening, courage, integrity, empathy, performance, conflict management, and self esteem. The impact transfers to the bottom line, where improved cultures are more profitable, less costly, more safety alert, more innovative, quicker to respond to changes, and more effective in realizing the corporate mission and goals. 

KC&A accomplishes its objectives in client locations by customizing versions of one of several proprietary processes including The Leader’s CodeCommunity WorksPeer Factor, and Equalibrium. Each of these begin with a series of one-on-one assessments where we get to know the team members who will be going through the process.  The assessment process identifies individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the full team. Most processes also include ongoing personal development and coaching with each client team member receiving one-on-one attention.

Depending on the client’s need, KC&A can work with all employees in a company or with specific teams within the organization. For example, in some cases we work solely with senior leadership and/or front line supervision.  In other cases, we may work with the full employee population at one or more company locations. In yet others, we may be contracted to work at the executive level. Each client’s need is different and our approach is always catered specifically to that client’s needs.

As a testament to our effectiveness, the majority of our new clients come to us as through referrals from other clients, or from internal referrals within the same corporation. We will be happy to provide references from organizations which can provide testimonials about their experience. 

KC&A has worked in over 500 different facilities, including electric generating stations, manufacturing facilities, foundries, paper mills, refineries, hospitals, home health, colleges and universities, beverage industry, insurance companies, banks, engineering consulting and design, police departments, and non-profits.

Among our offered services are: leadership development, team and individual assessments, team building, conflict management and performance management processes, workplace culture transformation initiatives, succession planning, professional surveys, independent anonymous interviews, HR department creation and optimization consulting services, advanced analysis through quantitative psychology, diversity and inclusion programs, women’s leadership processes led by women but inclusive for all, and behavior-based solutions for health and safety issues.

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