Community Works is a unique workplace initiative which brings together Diversity, Civil Treatment, Corporate Ethics, Teamwork, and Leadership Development to form a single, cohesive, people friendly corporate community. The namesake of this initiative, Community Works, has a double emphasis. By “Community,” we mean a place where people gather and act in the best interest of the common good — and, as a result, all feel welcome and valued.  By “Works,” we mean a community where people work together to achieve organizational goals — and, as a result, the synergy of the community works for everyone. Objectives
  • Create greater synergy between diversity, civil treatment, corporate ethics, teamwork, and leadership.
  • Broaden and deepen an appreciation of the value of diversity by tapping the experiences of the employee population.
  • Enhance civility and tolerance in the workplace by drawing upon the strength of employee faith tradition.
  • Tap the psychological dynamic of healthy self-esteem to strengthen commitment to the common good.
  • Enhance understanding of how personal experience and diverse thinking styles impact our behavior toward others, as well as, our productivity and efficiency.
Build a workplace community that works for all of us. Results
  • Employees, customers and shareholders are valued and thrive.
  • Courtesy and basic human dignity is preserved.
  • Laws are obeyed. Compliance standards are met.
  • A common ethic [business and behavioral] is observed.
  • Self-leadership and accountability is the rule.
  • The best spirit of human community is achieved.
  • Stakeholder [shareholder] value is leveraged.