The KC&A process for Managing Employee Performance which includes the essentials of an effective disciplinary process.

The Ken Chapman & Associates Leadership Development Process is based on Dr. Chapman’s book, The Leader’s Code.

The Leader’s Code presents two core principles which form the foundation of the performance management process.

  1. The effective leader will focus first on managing his or her own words and behavior. Thus, the key to leadership is leading one’s self well – leading by example.
  2. The effective leader will focus on leading others to lead themselves. Having provided a good example, the leader then focuses on developing the employee.

* * *

All of the following flow out of these two principles:

  • How to Build a Development Plan
  • How to Develop Performance Goals
  • How to Implement a Performance Plan
  • Skills for Managing Performance Daily
  • How to Coach for Improved Performance
  • When and How to Discipline

The KC&A Performance Management Process

Tailored to Meet Your Needs
While The Leader’s Code and the core principles presented in The Leader’s Code form the foundation of the leadership development process, the process will be tailored to meet the needs of your leadership team.

Every organizational leader receives a copy of The Performance Management Tool Kit which contains all of the essential “tools” [documents & guidelines] for effectively managing employee performance. In addition, the process is presented in an adult-to-adult, interactive style designed to draw participants into a dynamic interaction as they resolve actual case studies from Ken Chapman’s wide experience with real-world issues leaders face every day.

We Come To You
Performance Management will be presented “on site” at your office or plant. The process can also be presented at a retreat center arranged by your organization or KC&A.
{Ask us about Retreat Planning & Scheduling}

Would Your Management Team Benefit From The Performance Management Process?

Take a few moments and complete a Gap Analysis for three to five of your team leaders, supervisors, or managers. Then make your own judgment as to whether you have a leadership team with real potential which need only be developed.
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