The KC&A process for creating high awareness for compliance and business ethics within your organization.

The KC&A Ethics/Risk Management Process is based on the belief that most employees know the difference between right and wrong and are people who demonstrate ethical behavior everyday.

The goals of the KC&A process are to increase mutual trust within an organization; to ensure the organization is viewed as a good corporate citizen by the larger community; and, to effectively manage risk associated with compliance issues in today’s business environment.

The process will include, but not limited to the following:

  • How to Develop a Code of Ethics
  • How to Communicate The Code of Ethics
  • How to Train Employees
  • Compliance Issues
  • Employment, Civil Treatment, Environmental, OSHA, and Copyright
  • Corporate Sentencing Guidelines
  • How to Develop and Administer an Employee Concerns Committee 
Course Content
The KC&A Ethics/Risk Management Process

Tailored to Meet Your Needs
While covering all the essential issues associated with compliance and business ethics, the process will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

KC&A will work closely with your organization’s leadership to develop or review your Code of Ethics. Moreover, KC&A will assist your organization in developing and administering an Employee Concerns Committee.

Once your Code of Ethics is in place, KC&A will then assist in the development process for effectively communicating your Code of Ethics; and training employees for responsible decision making and effectively dealing with compliance issues.

To that end, KC&A will develop a Business Ethics Source Book specifically designed for your organization. The Source Book will be a valuable resource for leaders and employees as they work successfully in today’s business environment.

We Come To You
The KC&A Ethics/Risk Management Process will be presented “on site” at your office or plant. The process can also be presented at a retreat center arranged by your organization or KC&A.
{Ask us about Retreat Planning & Scheduling}

Would the KC&A Ethics/Risk Management Process Benefit Your Organization?

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