Our team makes a meaningful, lasting, and positive difference in every work setting we enter. To accomplish this we have spent over 40 years assembling a team of highly qualified people who love the work we do and who do it well. Our team members possess a diversity of work experiences, are highly detailed oriented and conscientious, and are extremely competent in our areas of expertise.  Further, we leverage our expertise to benefit each client in an effective and customized manner.  Our team models the key principles of our processes: “You’re always on stage” and “I can only lead you if I first lead myself well.”

Among our team you will find those who have worked in a variety of corporate settings as owners, executives and managers.  Our team includes a former corporate director of training, human resources generalists, and educators.  Each developed and led successful, impactful initiatives in their organizations before joining KC&A. Each of our team members continuously strive to improve and maximize the effectiveness of every process with which we are involved. Below you can learn more about the background of each team member.

Debra Miller

Chair of the Board

Jean Graham

Chair Emeritus of the Board

E. Edward Pruitt

Vice-Chair of the Board

Ken Chapman Ph.D.

Founder & Senior Partner

Christy Beem


Whitney Tate


Susanne Rives


Grace Shim