Human development is not instant and there’s no “one size fits all”.  Behaviors are changed when the need to change is identified and acknowledged, a path for change is identified, and guidance is provided. 

Ken Chapman & Associates, Inc. is different from other firms offering similar services. First, our approach starts with intense customized assessments and from that point forward focuses on individualized relationships with all involved team members over the course of a process. Second, we use what we learn from the assessment to develop a unique, customized process to address the unique and specific needs of the client.  Finally, we provide individual coaching throughout the learning process to ensure follow-through and accountability. 

If your firm has needs for which you believe our firm may be a prospective fit, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs in an initial no-investment consultation. Furthermore, if you are interested, we can offer you references from past or current clients who have similar issues to yours and for whom we made a significant difference.  We can help you achieve the results you seek.