How to Listen to Brain Chatter Podcast

New to podcasting or just curious about your options for how to listen to Brain Chatter? No problem!

The good news is you have a variety of options, outlined below.

To start with…what is a podcast? It is a digital audio file that you can download to a computer or mobile device. The name is the combination of “Ipod” and “broadcast” a word invented by a BBC reporter in 2004.

Here are a few of your listening options:

  •  Listen directly on the Brain Chatter webpage. Just click the green arrow on the episode of interest to you, and you’re off to the races. You can do this on your smartphone, on a laptop, tablet, or on your desktop computer. No download required for this option, though it also gives you a download option if you prefer. To listen directly from our website, click here.
  • You can listen through any of the following apps that allow you to download the episode to your phone for immediate or later listening:
    • Stitcher. Go to the app store on your smartphone, download Stitcher, then search for Brain Chatter and pick the episode of your choice. You can also subscribe to be alerted when new episodes are posted. To go directly to the Brain Chatter page on Stitcher, click Brain Chatter on Stitcher
    • Spotify. Go to the app store on your smartphone, download Spotify, then search under podcasts for Brain Chatter (Spotify also offers paid music, but no-cost listening for Brain Chatter). You can subscribe to be alerted when new episodes are posted if you’d like. To go directly to the Brain Chatter page on Spotify, click Brain Chatter on Spotify
    • Google Podcasts If you are a Google smartphone user, you can go to the podcast app on your phone or if you don’t yet have it, go to the Google Play store and download the Google Podcast app. Once you have it downloaded you can download individual episodes and/or subscribe so that new episodes are automatically downloaded for you when they are released. You can also listen directly on your computer by clicking Brain Chatter on Google Podcasts
    • Apple Podcasts On your Apple device (iPhone or iPad), click on the purple Podcasts app icon, then click on the magnifying glass and search for  Brain Chatter. You can download individual episodes or subscribe so that new episodes will be automatically downloaded for you. If you do not see the purple Podcasts app icon, go to the App Store on your device and download the Podcasts app first.
    • Amazon Podcasts You can find us on Amazon Podcasts by searching for Brain Chatter via the Amazon Music app or under the Podcast section of the main website. You can also use this direct link, by clicking: Brain Chatter on Amazon.

If you are having any challenges with listening, please email:

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