Learning Culture Initiatives and Services

On that far positive side of the organizational culture spectrum can be found the goldmine of …Learning Cultures. By learning culture, we mean an organization where learning has become actively embraced in the day-to-day. It is encouraged and practiced across the company, both formally and informally, from top to bottom and bottom to top. 

Here are some self assessment questions related to this you can think about relative to your company:

Do team members actively seek out new industry, technical, or general business knowledge? 

Do team members actively seek to apply knowledge new-to-them, toward improving personal and company practices, as well as company processes, products, and services? 

Do team members actively seek to share useful knowledge with their co-workers? 

Do long-term team members mentor new team members, and do new team members feel welcomed in sharing new perspectives with seasoned team members? 

Is it broadly accepted that people inside the company are actively learning in order to become… better versions of themselves, while helping their co-workers, and the company do the same? 

Let me list 3 ways Ken Chapman & Associates Incorporated can be helpful to your company in building a learning culture OR a STRONGER learning culture:

  1. 1- We can offer a comprehensive assessment and custom plan with steps and guidance through which your company can build a learning culture or a stronger learning culture. 
  2. 2- We can help you identify and develop existing team members as internal facilitators or strengthen the skills of your existing internal facilitators so that they can be most impactful in delivering strategic learning content to your team effectively, in an organized way. 
  3. 3- We can offer learning paths on a variety of relevant-to-your-business topics that are engaging and professionally prepared by us for maximized learning opportunities for your workforce. These processes can be facilitated by members of your team- internal facilitators. – or – they can be lead by us, on-location. 

Our learning paths focus on diverse topics. As just one example… we offer our Business Essentials which includes essential knowledge for team members  who may not have had an opportunity to acquire it yet in their career progression or who may just benefit from a refresher… this includes basic competency around concepts such as ROI, supply and demand, profit margins, budgeting, overtime cost factors, and so on.  After completing each process, that team member will have enhanced tools and knowledge for success. This is an investment in your most valuable asset- your people. 

So to whom would you offer these learning paths? That is your choice of course. You may choose to make these processes mandatory for all, OR mandatory for some, such as those applying for supervisory or managerial positions, OR supplemental to any team member who wants a clear path to greater personal and professional growth from inside the company. 

These processes can even be branded under your own organizational learning culture brand. 

I hope you’ll explore our current and upcoming Learning Culture offerings. Please know, that we would love to have conversations with you about how we can leverage our offerings to maximize the competitive advantages to you from building up and leveraging your own learning culture. Call or email us with any questions. 

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