Brain Chatter Podcast Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of our podcast, Brain Chatter. Click here to listen. Episodes will also be uploaded to major podcast platforms, so you can access them where ever you listen to podcasts.



Effective leadership in our daily life and work requires each of us to wisely sort through a tremendous amount of ‘daily noise.’ We all want to become better at hearing and processing what matters and hear past what doesn’t, without disruption or derailment.

Brain Chatter is a series of interviews with organizational leaders on the front lines of leadership who are skilled at doing just that. These are leaders who lead themselves, their teams, and their organizations with clarity.

In each episode a guest offers their insights into what works and what doesn’t at the critical intersection of Leadership, Workplace Culture, Profit, and Sustainability. Among the front line leaders interviewed are general managers of manufacturing plants, HR directors, supervisors, company executives, consultants, educators, innovators, authors, and individuals with no titles, but lots of earned influence.  Listen now>

About Our Firm

For over 40 years Ken Chapman & Associates, Inc. has been making a measurable difference in the corporate cultures of American businesses and in the lives of their team members. KC&A’s value equation is “Committed to People, Profit, and More.”

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