Episode 27: An AI Literacy Primer for Organizational Leaders

Randy Sparkman delves into what an organizational leader needs to know about Artificial Intelligence (AI) right away. Randy is the author of LANGUAGE AI: A Guide for Humans.  It is an "amplifier of opportunity," as Randy puts it and he makes the case for why a leader needs competence on this transformative topic in order to make wise strategy decisions. Randy also makes the case on why and how an organization must ensure their employees are allowed to reasonably experiment with AI. He advocates that the organizational leader needs to find an AI 'sherpa' within their organization, who is capable of actively and rapidly connecting the fast changing tech with organizational strategy at critical points, and then evangelizing adoption where positively transformative.  Throughout this podcast episode, Randy defines various elements of AI and how each practically connects to 'the now' and to the future.  


Randy Sparkman is a native of Hartselle, Alabama. He is the author of LANGUAGE AI: A Guide for Humans, available in paperback and as a Kindle book on Amazon.

Randy consults with various companies and other organizations on Artificial Intelligence, linking the technology to the individual organization's mission and strategy.

Since 1985 Randy has worked in Information Technology and Infrastructure for major Federal entities, including as a manager who has led change through multiple rounds of transformative periods ranging from the widespread adoption of personal computers, the internet, e-commerce, social media, etc.

Randy also serves as an elected member of the Hartselle City Schools Board of Education. He is a graduate of The University of Alabama at Huntsville.

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