New KC&A President Named

Ken Chapman & Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the selection of Derek Conrad Brown as president of the forty-year-old firm.  Derek originally joined KC&A in 2012. Previously, he was owner of a startup tech company, which he managed with his business partner for nine years in Anniston, Alabama.

Derek is a graduate of Samford University, was a member of the Alabama Leadership Initiative’s Class of 2008, and holds a professional certificate in Longevity Training from the University of Southern California.

He is the past president of the Rotary Club of Anniston and has served as a vice president of the Rotary Club of Birmingham. He is currently the chair of the non-partisan Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama’s Roundtable. In addition to having served on a number of charity boards of directors, Derek volunteers with the Freshwater Land Trust’s Adopt-A-Trail program and the American Legion Alabama Boy’s State.

Derek will also continue to host KC&A’s Brain Chatter podcast featuring interviews with business leaders across the US.

The current president and founder, Dr. Ken Chapman, will assume the role of founder and senior partner.

Message from Derek about KC&A Services:

About Our Firm

For over 40 years Ken Chapman & Associates, Inc. has been making a measurable difference in the corporate cultures of American businesses and in the lives of their team members. KC&A’s value equation is “Committed to People, Profit, and More.”

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